How to Avoid Excessive Investment Fees!

Investment fees is an important part of your path to financial freedom. One thing you have to watch when investing are the fees. Anytime you purchase a fund, you pay a fee, which is referred to as expense ratio. An expense ratio is theā€‚part of your fund used for administrative and other expenses.

To find the expense ratio of a fund, go to Morning Star, and search for a fund. For example, I typed FXAIX in the search box on and this is what came up (see image below). Then I clicked on the fund name to view more details. The expense ratio for FXAIX is 0.015%, which is low.

FXAIX expense ratio

This blog post from Intentional Money Life, does a great job explaining investment fees and its impact on your portfolio.

To learn more about investments, start here if you are a teen. If you are a college student, trade school student, or early career professional, start here.

This amazing set of visuals showing the hidden cost of fees is from Intentional Money Life.

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